Information Technology that works

The Kargo Group is a systems and information driven company. Ongoing investment in our ICT Infrastructure allows us to remain at the forefront of technology. The rapidly changing rate of Management Information Systems dictates that companies adapt and remain current with the latest Information Technology or run the risk of trailing behind. The company’s processes and systems are directly supported and underpinned by its ICT Infrastructure moving forward as part of its overall business philosophy and strategy.

The technical backbone converges all branches, nationally, into an interconnected, cohesive system where customers can receive the same information from any one of our depots. Seamless communication between all branches is made possible over the same backbone and voice calls can be transferred between all our branches. Our state of the art call centre situated in Johannesburg, can satisfy most queries with the remainder being routed to the branch or person best suited to deal with said query. Kargo employs sophisticated high-end servers to store and carry data across the complete network whether it travels along our ubiquitous LAN, WAN or APN environments. Robust databases make it possible to accumulate and deal with relevant and high quality data which is very often used to assist and enhance our customers’ decision making capabilities as they relate to transportation.

We are in an ideal position to provide our customers with data exchange systems or integration solutions that allow for full collaboration between entities and in doing so, increase efficiencies and speed of operations that will benefit relevant players participating in the value chain. Mobile computing by means of handheld devices, in-vehicle computers, tablets and other mobile devices, allows us to receive and distribute information with great speed. This information can then be shared in one of many ways ranging from the Internet to XML files and Web Services.

Our tracking capabilities allow us to track our customers’ assets as well as our own resources by making use of cutting edge geo-location information and technologies. At Kargo, we feel that Information Technology has evolved from stand-alone, server centric systems to an integral part of a multidisciplinary whole in which the company strives to provide an Architecture that creates superior solutions that ultimately boosts efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Remote Desktop Support

Kargo Technicians are able to offer customers remote desktop assistance through this secure client controlled connection. Click on the Download Support button to the right to visit the support website and download the client.